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Elevate Your Skills with clinOXY One-on-One Expert Trainings for Working Professionals

Are you ready to take the next step in your career journey? clinOXY is proud to offer exclusive one-on-one expert trainings designed to help working professionals to unlock full potential and excel in today’s competitive job market.

Customized Learning Experience

At clinOXY, we understand that every professional journey is unique. That’s why our one-on-one expert trainings are tailored to your individual needs and aspirations. Whether you’re looking to broaden your skill set or transition to a new field altogether, our expert trainers will guide you every step of the way.

Diverse Range of Expertise

Explore new horizons with clinOXY expert trainings, covering a diverse range of topics. Our industry-leading instructors bring years of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring that you receive top-notch training that’s both practical and relevant to your career goals.

We are offering One-On-One Expert Trainings In:

Clinical Research
Protocol, ICF, IB and CSRClinical Research Documentation Writing
Prepare, Plan, Organize and conduct pre-study ActivitiesTMF and eTMF
ICSR - Literature Case Processing, Clinical Trial and PMS Case Processing etc
Case Narrative Writing Pharmacovigilance System Master File (PSMF)
Signal Detection, Risk Management and PBRER (PSUR)
Safety Data Base Live Trainings
Clinical Data Management
Data Management Plan. DMPStudy Start Up, Study Conduct, Close Out
Electronic Data Capture. EDCValidation Activities
Clinical Data Base Live Trainings
Regulatory Affairs
Product Life Cycle Management Activities
Pre & Post Approval DocumentsDossier Submissions (eCTD)
IND, NDA, ANDA, BLALabelling Activities (SMPC)
XEVMPD (Article 57 Database)IDMP Activities
Medical Writing
Systematic Literature Screening (SLRAbstract, Manuscript, Articles
Clinical Study ReportInvestigator Brochure
Disease Write up’sPresentations
Medical Devices
Technical DocumentationDesign History File. DHF
GSPR (General Safety Performance Requirements)IFU (Instruction for use)
STG (Surgical Technique Guide)EU MDR, EU IVDR Gap Analysis
CEP (Clinical Evaluation Plan)CER (Clinical Evaluation Report)
PMCF (Post Marketing Clinical Follow up) PMS Plan and ReportPMS Plan and Report
PSUR (Class III, IIb, IIa) DevicesEudamed Database and UDI
SSCP (Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance)Performance Evaluation Reports (PER) (Scientific, Analytical and Clinical)

Unlock New Opportunities

Seize the opportunity to advance your career and open doors to exciting new opportunities. With clinOXY one-on-one expert trainings, you’ll gain the skills and confidence needed to thrive in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

Invest in Your Future

Invest in yourself and invest in your future with clinOXY expert trainings. Join countless professionals who have already taken their careers to new heights with our personalized approach to learning and development.

Ready to Get Started?

Don’t wait any longer to invest in your professional growth. Take the first step towards success by enrolling in clinOXY one-on-one expert trainings today!