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medical writing

Your Trusted Partner in Medical Writing Support

clinOXY offers expert services in medical writing, specializing in crafting clinical trial documents including Protocols, Informed Consent Forms, Patient/Safety Narratives, Non-Clinical Study Reports and Investigator Brochures. With meticulous attention to detail and adherence to regulatory standards, our experienced team ensures the clarity, accuracy and compliance of all documents. Partner with clinOXY for comprehensive support in medical writing, empowering your research endeavors with precision and professionalism.

scientific writing

Your Trusted Partner in Scientific Writing Support

clinOXY provides expert services in scientific writing, covering a spectrum of needs including literature reviews, abstracts, manuscripts, articles, papers, presentations, conference materials and educational content. Our skilled team ensures the clarity, coherence, and accuracy of each piece, adhering to the highest standards of academic and scientific integrity. Partner with Clinoxy for comprehensive support in scientific communication, empowering your research and educational endeavors with precision and professionalism

Market Research

Your Trusted Partner in Medical and Healthcare Market Research

clinOXY provides comprehensive services in market research tailored specifically for the medical and healthcare sectors. Our expertise encompasses analyzing market trends, consumer behaviors, competitive landscapes, regulatory environments and technological advancements. With a focus on precision and actionable insights, clinOXY empowers clients to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, and navigate the dynamic landscape of medical and healthcare markets effectively

Content Writing

Your Premier Destination for Medical and Healthcare Content Writing

clinOXY offers specialized services in content writing for the medical and healthcare industries, tailored for websites, mobile applications and various digital platforms. Whether you require engaging website copy, informative blog posts, or user-friendly content for mobile applications, our experienced team ensures accuracy, clarity and compliance with industry standards. Partner with clinOXY to enhance your online presence, engage your audience and establish credibility in the competitive medical and healthcare landscape

Regulatory Writing

Your Trusted Partner for Regulatory Writing Services: Medical Devices and IVD

clinOXY provides expert support in regulatory writing specialized in Medical Device Regulatory Documentation such as Design History Files, Technical Documentation, Instruction for use, Surgical Technique Guide, SMPC (Summary of Medicinal Product Characteristics), SOTA, Clinical Evaluation Reports, EUDAMED implementation and SSCP (Summary of Safety and Clinical Performance. Our specialized team offers comprehensive assistance in preparing regulatory documents, including submissions, reports, summaries, and dossiers, adhering to stringent regulatory guidelines and standards.